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ChatterPtt is a cost effective multifunctional push-to-talk app that lets you communicate seamlessly across your two-way radio network and any smart device.

A mobile app and gateway solution, ChatterPTT intelligently enables different types of communication devices, such as two-way radios and smart phones, to communicate directly with each other.

Regardless of their device, network or location, your team can connect instantly as a group or one-to-one… with the touch of a button.

Instant & secure voice communications

Connect your entire workforce instantly and privately on our secure communications platform from Anywhere Anytime and on any device.

One to one or multiple groups

Connect and communicate one to one or with groups of up to 250 users instantly, improving efficiency of communication to teams.

Instant text, image and video messaging

Send and receive instant messaging, video, text across workforces devices to provide critical infromation to the field.

GPS position for location tracking

GPS position for location tracking

Track, locate and identify where your workforce or business assets are in the field, providing business efficiency and improving Health and Safety.

Voice recording

Record and Store all communication accross your teams for compliance, Health and Safety and business reporting needs

Priority call for emergency situations

If an emergency strikes or critical information is needed in the field quickly, Take control and instantly make priority calls across your whole workforce.

Cross network compatibility

Connect and communicate across any platform including Cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G) Wi-Fi Platforms, Broadband and Two-Way Radio Networks.

"By using Chatter PTT I can now talk to all my drivers and vehicles no matter where I'm located in NZ on my mobile phone. This is so important for me due to my huge investment in taxi vehicles across Nelson. Now I can communicate with my team instantly and this means we provide the best service to our customers, Chatter PTT is a simple and easy to use Push to Talk solution for me."

Jimmy James
Owner - Nelson Bays Taxi Services


Link your entire workforce, regardless of their location and network… so your people are never out of reach.


Most industries know the value of instant group communication across work teams.

Operations Managers, Remote teams, Field staffs, Managers can now instantly connect to their work teams regardless of whether they are on the same site or hundreds of kilometres away. Significant benefits include increased operational efficiency, reduced overheads and devices required for certain tasks are no longer isolated.

Chatter PTT connects staff across all your current workforce devices and ensures that all teams are connected which will improve communication and will provide improved response times and increased work efficiency.

Chatter PTT can allow organisation like Field Services to connect to all their staff in the field instantly but also by providing GPS tracking we can ensure visibility of the health and safety of all the team members.

Ports and Airports can now ensure all the various work groups and contractors on site have a single communication platform that allows instant coordination and improved responsiveness in operations.

Couriers, Transport and Logistics firms can now track and communicate with all their fleets across cities, regions, countries and leverage the existing devices already purchased to provide an instant and secure communications platform.

Security and Event Management with Chatter PTT allows teams to be safe, secure and connected with the ability for any device ( Mobile, Tablets) to be connected via voice calls and tracked via our built in GPS service.

Mine Sites can now leverage existing WiFi or LTE networks to connect all radio and rugged device users together,allowing management and operations staffs to be in constant communication.

Trades and Labour workforces including Builders, Plumbers, Electricians who want improved team communications will see the power of Chatter PTT instant connections and GPS tracking ability, ensuring teams are connected instantly and anywhere.

Talk and exchange information across different work teams through seamless group communication, using their existing interface devices… whatever they are


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