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Proximity Alert System Detection Technology

Proximity Alert System

is designed to enhance job site performance through safety of personnel and equipment
PBE's multi-range Proximity Alert System (PAS) is designed to enhance workplace safety by implementing the latest equipment and personnel detection technology. The Proximity Alert System (PAS) has been developed to prevent injury and possible loss of life due to the operation of heavy machinery near workers or other hazardous equipment and obstacles on job sites.

Proximity Alert System by PBE is the first proximity detection system to integrate above ground and below ground technologies into one complete solution covering multiple ranges with optimal accuracy. PAS has numerous applications for both surface and underground operations that enhance the operator's situational awareness enabling a safer, and therefore more productive workplace.

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PBE is the leading provider of integrated, single source safety and productivity solutions, technology and engineering expertise.

PAS Feature Overview

• Vehicle to vehicle collision detection
• Vehicle to personnel collision detection
• Vehicle to fixed asset collision detection
• Personnel detection alert system
• Hazardous area Geofencing capability
• Audio and Visual warnings
• Real-time video surveillance
• Multiple Object Recognition
• Multiple Detection technologies for redundancy and safety
• Flexible user interface options
• Monitoring and reporting systems

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