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Tait Mobile TM9355 - HHCH (VHF/UHF) Two-Way Radio


Building on the strengths of Tait's analogue and MPT 1327 mobile products, Tait has engineered the Tait DMR mobiles with your organisational requirements in mind.

Designed for mission critical environments, the Tait DMR radio offers a modern and reliable digital communications solution based on the DMR Tier II voice communications.

These entry-level, dual mode analogue and DMR Tier II radios are based on the open DMR standard providing choice and interoperability for users.

Key features
  • Future proof multi-mode mobiles (DMR, MPT 1327 and conventional analogue FM)
  • Full adherence to DMR standards providing choice and interoperability
  • Engineered for demanding environments with IP54 rating
  • Crystal-clear audio quality
  • A range of configurable models and accessories are available to suit your various applications
  • Optional HHCH Head Colour
    • A= Black, B=Yellow, C=Green & D=Red
Standard features
  • DMR Tier 3 Trunking
  • Analogue conventional operation
  • Analogue MPT 1327 trunking operation
  • LCD Display
  • Roaming between MPT1327 and DMR Tier 3
  • Text and status messaging capabilities
  • Lone Worker operation
  • PSTN Dialing
  • Remote stun and revive
  • 4 programmable function keys (including emergency key)
  • IP54 certified
Available in the following frequency bands:
VHF 136-174MHz
UHF 400-470MHz
UHF 450-520MHz

Standard package includes
  • Tait Mobile TM9355 DMR mobile radio
  • Hand Held Control Head
  • Vehicle Installation kit (excluding antenna)
  • BNC connector

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