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Hytera SM27W1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Microphone



SM27W1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Microphone

Comfortable speaking with DMR mobile radios.

The SM27W1 wireless speaker-microphone gives you increased flexibility for the Hytera DMR mobile radios. With no annoying cables to get in the way, you can communicate normally and even control your MD655/MD655G or MD785/MD785G remotely to select channels or adjust the volume. You can be up to ten meters away from your radio device.

The SM27W has an LCD display and for wireless connection requires an ADA-01 adapter to plug into the audio accessories socket on your radio. The integral battery provides communication for up to 16 hours and can be recharged with the charger cable supplied.

Technical Data
Compatible radios MD655
MD785G duplex
Programmable keys 3
Battery 1100 mAh
Battery service life (5/5/90) about 16 hours
Speaker Power 1 W
Operating temperature range -20 °C to 60 °C
Protection against dust and moisture IP54
Talking distance: 10~30m
PTT lifetime: ≥100000 times

Included in the box
  • Wireless remote speaker microphone
  • Vehicle power adapter, micro-USB
  • Microphone charger
  • Hanger and screws
  • Manual

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