Radio Rental & Equipment Leasing

Whether it is an extra two-way radio rental for a day or one hundred two-way radios for a week or more we can tailor a rental package to suit. From a plant shut down to security patrols we have the equipment and the radio licences you require.

Our experience in the event industry also see's our team manage the radio communications for many of New Zealand's largest events.

  • Handheld radios
  • Multi chargers
  • Repeater Equipment
  • Mobile radios
  • Spare batteries
  • Audio accessories

Long Term Two-Way Radio Rental or Lease

Need a communication system for your business but do not want the capital cost. Then why not consider a rental package that will preserve your capital, is tax deductible and gives you access to the latest technology while still being covered by a service contract over 36 months. Be sure to ask about our long term lease agreements.

Benefits of Leasing:

  • No deposit
  • Tax deductible
  • Quality brands
  • No capital outlay
  • New equipment
  • No Maintenance

Event Communications

Providing quality radio equipment for managing your event. No event is too large or too small, available for short and long term rental and ideal for:

  • Sports Events
  • Film Crews
  1. Security
  2. Special Events

How can we help you make an event successful?

Reliable communications is vital to the successful running of any event, whether it be a school sports day or an international motor sport event. It starts by talking to us. We have the expertise and the experience to advise the level of communications you will require, and how it will work for you.

What's the deal with radio licences?

Operating within the Ministry of Economic Development, Radio Spectrum Management rules and regulations is the responsibility of the end user. It is an offence to operate any radio transmitting device without an appropriate radio licence. Dove Radio Communications maintains radio spectrum licences that allow our clients to operate radio equipment throughout New Zealand. Where special radio licenses are required, we will arrange for the necessary approval on your behalf.

Why can't I just use mobile phones?

For health and safety reasons, events often require a communications system that is independent of public telecommunications networks. Wherever large numbers of people gather, public networks can become overloaded and cannot be relied upon in an emergency.