GME Pocket Pro+ Personal Locator Beacon PLB MT410G 406MHz with GPS Manual Activation




The GME's Accusat MT410G Pocket Pro+ with integrated GPS Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) offers a massive 7-year battery life, featuring a high-intensity flashing LED, a 'Non Hazmat' battery pack for simple and cost-effective transportation and a 16-channel parallel GPS receiver with top mounted quad helix antenna to improve location accuracy to better than 100m typically - all contributing to the unique GME AccuSat PLB advantage.

This pocket-sized GPS capable PLB is perfect for an array of outdoor adventures; whether you're hiking, kayaking, boating or hunting, this essential safety item could just save your life if trouble strikes. And since it's GPS-capable, it could cut the search area of search & rescue teams in half!

With cutting edge microprocessor technology, GME's engineers have been able to provide the outdoor adventurer with a 406 MHz PLB solution that's not only affordable but provides enhanced peace of mind for boaters, bush walkers, 4 x 4 enthusiasts and aviators should they ever require emergency assistance.

SKU: MT410GAUS TAG: Locator Beacon

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