Tait TM9395 Mobile Radio: U-Cradle




A smart integration-ready terminal for mission critical applications.
Designed for mission-critical applications,Tait DMR Tier 2 and 3 offers secure and reliable digital communications solutions based on the DMR standard.

The TM9395 mobile is designed to allow integrators to develop custom crafted solutions that can meet existing analog network requirements as well as digital migration needs

Radio Features:

  • - Solid RF integration platform Data and Voice
  • - Extensive interface capability and control (digital IO and audio) -
  • Software control of the radio by simple protocols 
  • Supports optional interface boards 
  •  Engineered for use in demanding environments with IP54 rating 
  • Data transport over analog or DMR networks 
  •  GPS capable 
  •  Encryption supported 
  • Open DMR standard provides choice and interoperability 
  • Future proof quad-mode (DMR trunked, DMR Conventional, MPT 1327 and conventional analog FM) terminal 
  •  Roaming between MPT 1327 and DMR Tier 3 networks 
  •  Roaming between FM Conventional and DMR Tier2 Conventional Network
SKU: TM9395-H5A0-AKU0-00BH-10 TAGS: Frequency: UHF1, Frequency: UHF2, Frequency: VHF, Tier 2, Tier 3, Colour: Black, U-Cradle

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