Port HP602 DMR Tier 2 / VHF/ GPS




Key Features:

  • Port HP602 DMR Tier 2
  •  136-174MHz
  •  Mandown 
  • GPS & Bluetooth 
  • 2000mAh Battery w B/Clp 
  • Desktop Charger

The Hytera HP602 H-Series DMR radios are the next-generation in creative style and functionality that elevates the industry standard in professional two-way radios.
The HP602 is the new state-of-the-art in digital radio communications, providing a more efficient experience with loud and clear audio, longer battery life, intuitive user interface, extended range, and ruggedness.
The HP602 features a one-line OLED display and delivers exceptional value with abundant features, GPS, a 20-hour Lithium Polymer battery, and industry-leading audio performance.
The HP602 H-Series radios empower employees in customer service or severe working environments with efficient and reliable communications.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Range
    UHF 400-527 MHZ , VHF 136-174MHz
  • Channel Capacity
    1,024 Channels (512 Analog, 512 Digital)
  • Zone Capacity
    64 Zones with 256 Channels per Zone 
  • Channel Spacing
    12.5kHz / 20kHz / 25kHz
  • Operational Voltage
    7.7V (Rated) 
  • Battery
    2000mAh Li-Ion Polymer / Battery Life (5/5/90)16 Hours with GPS on 20 Hours GPS disabled
  • Weight
    9.35oz (265g)
  • Dimensions
    (H x W x D)43/4” x 25/32” x 13/16” (122 x 55 x 30.5mm) (without antenna)
  • Frequency Stability
    ± 0.5ppm Antenna Impedance 50Ω
  • Display
    OLED 0.91” 
  • Display Bluetooth
    BT 5.0 BLE+EDR
SKU: HP-602GBT-VHF TAGS: GPS with Mandown, Frequency: VHF, Tier 2

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