Innovative Two-Way Radio and DMR Solutions

What communication problem are you wanting to solve?

At Dove Communications we are about finding the right solution for you. We want customers for the long term so we work with you to first understand your needs and budget before designing a solution for you.

Our on-staff Solution Architects have a wealth of experience designing solutions for customers who appreciate our expertise and rely on us to partner with them. We deliver communication solutions that add value to your business. Why not call one of team and see how we can help you? Phone 0800 368 3266.

Radio Systems (RTs)

Indoors, outdoors, below ground, we have the experience to get you communications where you need it.

  • Simplex Radio to Radio comms.
  • Single Analogue or Digital repeaters.
  • Digital Mobile Radio Tier 2 or Tier 3 wide area networks.
  • GPS Location services inside or outside.
  • Radio Dispatch solutions
  • SCADA / Telemetry

Health & Safety
(Lone Worker)

Do you have workers who work alone, often in remote areas?

Our solutions can help you meet your H&S obligations.  We can track staff location using their portable radio.  We can detect falls and raise an alert, and we can require staff to check in periodically and raise an alert if they don’t.

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management

Need to know where your fleet is?  Want to know who’s operating a piece of machinery and record statistics such as idle time, engine hours, speed? Would it help to know when tyres need replacing, servicing is due and road user charges are about to run out?

We’ve partnered with the industries best to be able to offer unique solutions based on your needs.

Push to Talk Over Cellular

Would you like the near instantaneous connection and simplicity of two-way radio but are happy with cellular coverage?  Push to Talk over Cellular are devices that work like a radio but utilise the Cellular Network.

There are devices that support both Cellular and Radio Networks, so if radio or cell coverage runs out, the equipment will use whatever Network is available and seamlessly switch between them. This gives your users the best of both networks, extending coverage further.

Radio Rentals

Short term or long term, from one day to 36 months. Do you have an Event, a Plant Shutdown, a Fixed Term Project, or have just run out of CAPEX budget? Talk to our Radio Rentals Team for a solution for you.

What’s your Communication Challenge?

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