Understanding Tait Radios: Features and Benefits

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, efficient and reliable communication is more crucial than ever, especially for professionals in mission-critical roles. Tait radios, known for their rugged design and advanced technology, stand out as a leading solution in the field of two-way radios.

Offering a wide range of features such as Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), P25 and enhanced worker safety functionalities, these devices enable seamless and secure communication across various environments. Whether it’s for public safety officials, industrial sites, or lone workers in remote areas, Tait radios are designed to meet the demands of rigorous, mission-critical communications.

In this article, you’ll discover the key features of Tait two-way radios, from their robust Tait Tough design to advanced digital radio capabilities including LMR, LTE, Satellite, and WiFi.

We will explore the extensive product range, covering everything from portable radios and base stations to Tait mobile radios, and examine the technical specifications that set Tait radios apart in two-way radiocommunication. Additionally, a look into accessories that enhance functionality and client success stories will highlight the tangible benefits these radios bring to the field.

Whether you’re involved in ensuring worker safety or managing mission-critical communications, understanding the features and benefits of Tait radios will provide you with the information needed to make an informed choice for your communication needs.

Overview of TAIT Two-Way Radios

Tait radios are renowned for their integration of critical communication systems with cutting-edge technology. The TAIT AXIOM range exemplifies this by converging diverse technologies like Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Long-Term Evolution (LTE), Satellite, and WiFi.

Telent has partnered with Tait Communications to transform infrastructure for more than 1,500 buses across England’s West Midlands by implementing DMR Tier 3 and TAIT AXIOM converged solutions.

This convergence results in simple, secure, and flexible solutions that significantly enhance safety and efficiency within your organization. Tait’s commitment to open standards ensures that these platforms offer long-term value, allowing for future enhancements without compromising past investments.

Tait’s Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Solutions

Tait’s Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) solutions are specifically designed to provide enhanced voice and data applications, ensuring more efficient and reliable communication networks. These solutions are particularly beneficial for sectors such as Utilities, Transport, Mining, Oil & Gas.

Tait offers a comprehensive range of DMR radios, available in both Tier 2 (conventional) and Tier 3 (trunked) models, catering to the diverse needs of different industries. With Tait DMR radios, organizations can achieve seamless and effective communication, enabling them to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

These radios are engineered to increase worker safety and operational efficiency, featuring capabilities that extend beyond simple voice communication to include data transmission and critical safety applications.

P25 Solutions for First Responders

First responders around the world depend on Tait’s P25 radios to fulfill their robust, interoperable, and secure digital communication requirements. These radios are designed to support both Phase 1 and Phase 2 standards, ensuring a comprehensive end-to-end solution that can be customized to meet the diverse and mission-critical needs of various organizations.

With Tait’s P25 radios, first responders can confidently communicate in any situation, knowing they have a reliable and efficient tool at their disposal. This range ensures seamless multi-agency coordination even in the most demanding environments.

Tait Enable: Comprehensive Control and Management

The Tait Enable suite revolutionizes how you manage your radio network. This suite includes both software and hardware solutions that give you complete control over your radio fleet.

From tracking who is using each radio to managing firmware updates and encryption keys, Tait Enable eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets, enhancing network efficiency and security.

Analog and Migration Solutions

Despite the ongoing transition to digital communication systems, analog radios continue to maintain a significant presence in numerous regions worldwide. Tait, a leading provider in the industry, offers a diverse range of analog radio solutions, including both trunked and conventional options.

Tait’s analog radios come equipped with simulcast capability, enabling seamless communication across multiple channels. With these radios, you can rest assured that your investment is future-proof.

They provide straightforward migration paths to digital technology, ensuring a smooth transition whenever you are ready to embrace the digital era.

Enhancing Worker Safety Through Advanced Features

Modern digital radio networks by Tait go beyond voice communication; they also support critical data applications that enhance worker safety. Features like GeoFencing, Man Down alerts, and exceptional audio quality are part of Tait’s commitment to safety.

These features help mitigate unsafe practices in the workplace, potentially saving lives and reducing costs. By integrating these advanced features and technologies, Tait two-way radios offer reliable, flexible, and efficient communication solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of various industries.

Key Features of TAIT Two-Way Radios

Rugged Design

TAIT radios are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring reliability for users in demanding environments. Known as Tait Tough, these radios can survive significant impacts, such as being dropped from six feet onto concrete.

They feature high IP ratings for dust and water resistance, with some models boasting IP65 and IP68 certifications. This robust design is critical for users in fields such as mining, oil and gas, and emergency services, where the equipment must operate flawlessly in harsh conditions.

Cost-Effective Flexibility

TAIT radios support open standards like DMR and P25, which allows for interoperability with other devices and systems, providing a flexible and future-proof solution.

The radios are designed to be easily upgradeable, accommodating changes such as adding new frequencies or features without needing to replace the entire fleet.

This adaptability ensures that your investment remains valuable over time, adapting to new technologies and operational requirements as they evolve.

Improved User Safety

Enhancing worker safety is a fundamental principle that TAIT holds dear and prioritizes in its design philosophy. The company understands the importance of creating a work environment that minimizes risks and ensures the well-being of its employees.

To achieve this, TAIT has incorporated innovative features into its products, such as Man Down and Lone Worker. These features utilize advanced sensors and timers to detect if a user has fallen or become unresponsive, immediately triggering an alert to the dispatch team.

This prompt notification system plays a crucial role in identifying potentially life-threatening situations and enables swift action to be taken.

Additionally, TAIT’s products are equipped with integrated GPS and location services, including GeoFencing, which significantly improve response times during emergencies by providing accurate and precise location data.

By combining these cutting-edge features, TAIT effectively mitigates risks and enhances the safety of individuals working in the field.

Increased User Efficiency

TAIT radios are equipped with advanced voice and data capabilities that boost operational efficiency. The integration of technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi enables seamless communication and connectivity, even in remote or challenging environments.

Over The Air Programming (OTAP) allows for radio updates without physical access, reducing downtime and maintaining productivity. High-quality audio and noise cancellation ensure clear communication, essential for effective team coordination.


TAIT’s commitment to open standards ensures that their radios can work seamlessly with equipment from different vendors. This interoperability is crucial for public safety operations, where communication across various agencies and systems is necessary.

TAIT radios facilitate this cross-communication, supporting standards such as P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2, and DMR, ensuring that your team can always connect, regardless of the equipment other agencies might be using.

By incorporating these key features, TAIT radios provide a reliable, safe, and efficient communication solution, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of mission-critical environments.

Product Range


TAIT AXIOM Mobiles enhance communication by integrating critical systems with cutting-edge technology. These devices ensure that information always gets through, using dual SIM LTE, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet, with optional connections to radio systems.

The compact, easy-to-install form factor makes these mobiles ideal for vehicles, turning them into communication hotspots and boosting the range and productivity of connected portable devices.

TAIT AXIOM Wearables

The TAIT AXIOM Wearable is a compact and rugged communication device that bridges the gap between cellular and radio networks. It provides maximum connectivity by automatically switching to the best available signal, ensuring that calls and data are transmitted without interruption.

This wearable is particularly beneficial for lone workers in hazardous environments, as it supports geofencing and rapid location polling, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

TAIT AXIOM Handhelds

TAIT AXIOM Handhelds offer robust and flexible communication solutions, designed to operate seamlessly across various networks. These handhelds can be used in conjunction with existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems or as standalone units.

They are equipped with advanced features such as intuitive operation controls, exceptional audio quality, and a full-color OLED display, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and safety-critical applications.

P25 Portable Radios

Tait’s P25 portable radios are built to endure the demanding conditions faced by public safety professionals. The TP9400 and TP9600 series, for example, offer enhanced audio clarity, rugged design, and critical safety features like GPS and Man Down functionality.

These radios support both Phase 1 and Phase 2 operations, ensuring interoperability and seamless communication across various agencies.

DMR Portable Radios

Tait’s DMR portable radios, including the TP9300 and TP9500 series, provide reliable and efficient communication solutions. These radios support multiple operating modes and come equipped with features such as internal GPS and emergency functionality.

The TP3 model stands out for its customizability, allowing users to choose the color, display, keypad, and labels, catering to specific user preferences and requirements.

By offering a diverse range of products like TAIT AXIOM Mobiles, Wearables, Handhelds, and both P25 and DMR portable radios, Tait ensures that your communication needs are met with the most advanced and reliable technology available.

This comprehensive product range allows for enhanced connectivity, safety, and efficiency, tailored to the unique demands of various industries and critical communication environments.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Bands

Tait radios operate across a variety of frequency bands, ensuring broad coverage and flexibility. You’ll find options in VHF ranging from 136-174MHz, UHF from 400-520MHz, and extended frequencies in the 700/800MHz spectrum from 757-870MHz.

This range allows the radios to be adaptable to different geographic and regulatory environments, providing you with reliable communication solutions wherever you are.

Output Power

The output power of Tait radios varies depending on the frequency band, ensuring optimal transmission in different conditions. For VHF bands, the output power can be set to 5W, 3W, 2W, or 1W.

UHF bands offer slightly lower outputs of 4W, 2.5W, 2W, and 1W, while the 700/800MHz bands provide options of 3W, 2.5W, and 2W. This flexibility in output power allows you to balance range and battery life according to your needs.


Tait radios are designed to support a large number of channels and zones, enhancing their usability in complex operational environments. They come standard with 1,000 channels and 50 zones, with the option to expand up to 2,000 channels and 100 zones through a software license.

This capability makes them suitable for large-scale operations, allowing for extensive customisation and segmentation of communication networks.

Receiver Sensitivity

Receiver sensitivity is a critical specification for ensuring clear communication, especially in challenging environments. Tait radios boast impressive sensitivity metrics, with analog settings at 0.22μV(-120dBm) for both VHF and UHF, and 0.22μV(-121dBm) in the 700/800MHz range.

For digital communications, such as P25, the sensitivity is similarly high, ensuring that your messages come through loud and clear.


The physical dimensions and weight of Tait radios vary slightly depending on the model and battery type. Generally, the radios measure approximately 1.61 x 2.56 x 5.35 inches (41 x 65 x 136mm) with a standard Li-Ion battery, excluding knobs.

They weigh around 11.46oz (325g) without an antenna, making them compact and easy to carry during extended use. For models with enhanced battery capacity, the dimensions and weight increase marginally to accommodate the larger power source.

By understanding these technical specifications, you can better assess how Tait radios will meet your communication needs, ensuring efficiency and safety in your operations.


Earphone In-Ear

Designed for discreet voice calls, the Earphone In-Ear is ideal for environments where a loudspeaker may be inappropriate. It features a professional-grade, flexible, transparent acoustic tube and is designed to fit either the left or right ear.

The lightweight design and quick disconnect earphone adapter make it easy to replace the acoustic tube, ensuring hygiene and convenience. This earphone is compatible with speaker microphones that have a 2.5mm jack, such as the Evolution and Storm models, but is not suitable for use with Intrinsically Safe or Non-Incendive radios.

Ear Hanger

The Ear Hanger offers a soft rubber ear loop with a speaker, providing a comfortable and secure fit for either ear. It includes a rotational clip to adjust the speaker’s position, enhancing user comfort and audio clarity.

This lightweight earpiece is also designed for use with speaker microphones equipped with a 2.5mm jack, making it a versatile choice for various communication needs.

Lapel Mic

Lapel Mics, such as the Nighthawk Bluetooth®, are equipped with a 3.5mm earpiece and offer up to 12 hours of talk time or 80 hours of standby time. The USB rechargeable li-ion battery is replaceable, and the mic has a 10m operational range.

It supports external earpieces or microphones, making it adaptable for different communication scenarios. The lapel mic is perfect for users who need hands-free operation without sacrificing audio quality.

Speaker Mics

Speaker Mics like the TSM3e and TSM4 are built to endure demanding environments. They are dustproof and water submersible, with IP ratings as high as IP68. These mics feature a Tait design water-shedding grille and microphone to ensure reliability in wet conditions.

They come with a large, glove-friendly programmable emergency button and a 360-degree rotating clip for easy attachment. The TSM3e and TSM4 also offer high-quality audio performance with up to 3W speakers, making them ideal for public safety and professional use.

Heavy Duty Behind-the-Head Headset

This headset is designed for use with helmets or hats, featuring a discreet C-style headband for a stable and comfortable fit. It includes a rotating boom for left or right positioning and a flexible noise-canceling boom microphone with a replaceable windscreen.

An in-line PTT in the cable enhances usability, and comfortable cloth-covered ear seals provide additional comfort during extended use. This headset is compatible with various Tait radio models, including the TP9300, TP9400, TP9500, TP9600, and TP3.

By incorporating these accessories, your communication systems can be enhanced significantly, providing more effective and safe interactions across various professional settings.

Client Success Stories

New Zealand Police

The New Zealand Police depend heavily on the Tait P25 network, which is known for its high level of security and reliability. This communication system enables effective and seamless communication among the vast workforce of over 10,000 staff members, who are spread across the diverse and challenging terrains of the country.

With its robust infrastructure, the Tait P25 network plays a crucial role in enhancing safety and operational efficiency, ensuring that the New Zealand Police can effectively carry out their duties in even the most remote and demanding locations.

Quitman Fire District

In the village of Quitman, nestled in the heart of Louisiana, USA, the local fire department heavily depends on the reliable and robust Tait communications solutions. These cutting-edge systems play a vital role in providing indispensable support, guaranteeing the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in the community’s tireless pursuit of fire safety.

With Tait’s state-of-the-art technology at their disposal, the fire department in Quitman can confidently respond to emergencies, safeguarding the lives and properties of its residents.

Country Fire Authority

Following the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria, Australia, partnered with Tait to overhaul their communication systems.

This collaboration resulted in the deployment of 15,000 customized P25 dual-mode portable and mobile radios and a TaitNet P25 digital conventional network. This upgrade significantly enhanced the safety and efficiency of CFA’s operations, providing state-wide coverage and allowing for future digital transitions.

Madison County Fire Department

Madison County Fire Department, located in Tennessee, USA, took a significant step forward in enhancing their operational capabilities by implementing Tait’s Analog Simulcast over IP system.

This innovative system has proven to be a game-changer for the department, as it has significantly improved coverage across a vast area spanning 540 square miles.

The implementation of this cutting-edge technology has provided the department with greater redundancy and reliability, which are essential factors for ensuring an effective emergency response.

County of Los Angeles Fire Department

The County of Los Angeles Fire Department, serving over 4 million residents, implemented a private LMR-based mobile data network in collaboration with Tait Communications. This network ensures extensive coverage and enhanced communication security, significantly improving operational effectiveness in diverse and challenging environments.

These stories showcase the versatility and reliability of Tait radios in enhancing communication capabilities across various critical and emergency service sectors globally.


Throughout this article, we’ve explored the multifaceted world of Tait radios, diving into their robust design, cutting-edge technology integration, and the enhanced safety features that make them ideal for mission-critical communication.

From the rugged Tait Tough exterior to the advanced digital capabilities of DMR and P25 standards, the array of products and their technical specifications underscores Tait’s commitment to providing reliable and efficient communication solutions.

These features not only ensure operational excellence across various sectors but also prioritise user safety in demanding environments, making Tait radios a cornerstone of effective communication strategies in industries worldwide.

Reflecting on the stories of clients like the New Zealand Police and the Country Fire Authority, it’s evident that Tait radios play a pivotal role in amplifying communication capacities, thereby enhancing organisational responsiveness and safety.

The strategic use of these communication tools in scenarios ranging from routine operations to emergency responses underlines the importance of investing in high-quality communication solutions.

As industries evolve and the need for robust communication continues to grow, the role of technologies like those offered by Tait becomes increasingly significant, suggesting a continual journey towards innovation and improved connectivity in professional settings.